About Us

Durasens™ is a joint effort between Harrick Scientific Products and MeV Technologies formed to provide optical cells, probes, sensors and analyzers for process analytical markets. 

Harrick Scientific has been a world leader in the development and manufacturing of spectroscopic accessories for UV-Vis-NIR and FTIR spectrometers since 1969. Dr. N. J. Harrick, pioneered internal reflection spectroscopy and became the principal developer of this technique.

MeV Technologies is an R&D company founded in 2004 to focus on developing new technologies and transforming them into innovative products. 

The successful implementation of process analytical instrumentation requires industrial strength components and demands thorough understanding of analytical technology to provide the highest reliability and best performance.

By leveraging Harrick’s extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities and MeV’s experience in new product development and competence in the field of optical spectroscopy, Durasens™ can provide custom process analytical solutions from the optical, mechanical and electronic design through to the manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification of  the instrumentation.

Our technical expertise, combined with an intense focus on customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competition.